Friday, October 9, 2009

We should be models...

We got our wedding pictures!

And they are AWESOME! I want to post all of them on here because they are so beautiful! However, I doubt you guys would want to see ALL of them right now. And that would be a super long post. But, I want to share them with you, as they really are amazing. So, here are some:
This is us outside the Provo temple

This is me and Michael with my dad and his new wife, JoAnn :)

This is us with Michaels parents, Bobbi and Fillippo. They are super nice.

This is Michael with his sisters, Elisa, Marisa, Mia and Mendy

This is me with my sisters, Amber and Helena. I love them!

I had my dad, and Michaels dad, wear matching purple ties, and I had the other boys in the family wear matching green. I then gave color swatches to Bobbi and JoAnn of a purple like their husbands ties, and color swatches to all the girls -my sisters and his- of a royal blue :-)
So everyone had the same colors, but their own style. They picked out their shirts and wore black skirts. I loved it!

This is me with me sister-in-law, she is the sweetest.

They are all so beautiful!

I love how their shirts turned out! I really liked our colors: Royal blue, Emerald green and a Royal purple.

This is me with my brother in law, Dave, brother David, my other brother Jimmy, and my brother in law Kurt.

Michael with his brother, Matt.

Me with my brothers, David and Jimmy :)

And below is everyone who was there on our special day!

Michael being awesome.

Me and Michael making funny faces with Matt and his wife Edisa's children. They are the cutest!

I wish I could post all of our pictures! But here are some of the ones we look like models in :)

These were only some of the pictures that I love, there are tons more! I think later I'll post some from the reception too.

Our photographer is amazing! She is extremely talented. If you're ever interested, her name is Abbie Warnock, and her website is

That was an amazing day, August 21st. It turned out exactly how I wanted it to. Yes there were things that went a little wrong, and were not quite according to plan at the reception, and I know not everything we did was how other people would have done it, but it was still a perfect day! It was our day, and it was just how we wanted it.

Thank you everyone for all of your help. Even if you feel like you didn't do very much, you did. Just loving, accepting and supporting helped more than you'll know.
Well that's all for now, enjoy the pictures, and have a good day! :-)


Lanie Ree said...

Wow, they did turn out great1 I especially love the one of you and Annie. So pretty.

Nichole & Dirk said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Love it!

Amber said...

Your pictures really did turn out great! u