Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I'm Still Here!

It has been almost two years since I posted on here, I don't even know where to start...

Michael and I are doing great! Still very much in love, and enjoying life :-)
We are now living in the basement apartment, under his parent's garage, and we are really enjoying it! In some ways it is smaller, and in some ways it is bigger.  He has a new job, that he started a little over a week ago, he is enjoying it. I'm still making jewelry! But I'm not selling much right now. In the future I want to take some to fairs and farmers markets. 

I think for now I'll just leave it at that and go forward, and maybe in the future I'll play catch-up some more :-)

Other than that, we are pregnant!
Which, you all already knew :)
 This is me at 3 months
Four months
Five months
Six months
Seven months
Eight months
Nine months
Next week I'll be taking my 10 month picture! (I'll be 40 weeks!)

 Those were two of the many pictures that my friend Bryn took for me, I'll probably post more another time. There are some great ones of Helena and I together!
Michael and I in his parents back yard
Our little girl :-)

The midwives guess she'll come around July 9th, but I'm guessing that she'll come a little later. Probably around the 12-16th. 
But really she could come at any time! 
So, we will see! What's your guess of when she'll make an appearance?

I'll post again soon