Sunday, November 22, 2009

Beware The Jabberwock!

A.K.A. The Venus Fly Trap

Michael and I went and saw "Little Shop of Horrors" on Friday. I'd never seen the play, or movie, before. It's one of Michael's favorite plays. It was very fun!

I enjoyed the music, and it had some pretty funny parts. It was kind of sad at times, but I enjoyed it. The acting was overall great! Some people were wonderful. The main guy I thought they just picked him because he looked how the director wanted, not so much because of his singing and acting.

Anyway, while we were picking up our tickets Michael and I saw that they were selling Venus Fly Traps, for $5, Michael got very excited! So, we got one. We now have our first plant as a couple!

Don't worry we wont feed it human blood.

This is Michael about to try and feed Jaberwock -that's what we named him :-) - a spider. It didn't work though, the spider is in the plants container thing, but it didn't fall into the plant. So, we put the lid on, and the spider can't get out. We'll find something else to feed it soon.

Here it is! Our little Jabberwock! We named it that because of the song, "Jabberwocky"

We learned a bit about Venus Fly Traps, or Michael did and he taught me. They will only close 3-4 times before they die because it takes so much energy. But, if it has gotten food, in it's place a bigger and stronger one will grow.

We didn't know that at first and we made it close without any bugs in it... oops! But, it still has some closing left, as do the other leaves on the plant.

The leaves are interesting, they give off a scent similar to rotten meat -don't worry, only insects can smell it!- and thus it attracts bugs to land on it.

I'll keep you all posted on our little Jabberwock!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Christmas Season Begins...

Actually, it began a while ago. Before Halloween even. Some people hate this, while other people either secretly or openly love it. I'm like Switzerland you see, it doesn't bother me when they play Christmas music before Thanksgiving, but it also doesn't bother me if people choose not to. Before Halloween is a bit much in my opinion though. So maybe I'm not completely like Switzerland... I haven't started playing the music around our house yet, but I'm sure I will soon.

I'm getting excited!

I am already making lists of ideas for gifts to give, and coming up with ideas of things I would like to receive. I look at my apartment and plan on where I'll put different Christmas decorations, and I even made a list of mine and Michael's family traditions, and we are thinking of the traditions we will want to continue in our family. It's great fun!

I'm looking forward to getting a fake little tree, getting some more decorations, baking some cookies, watching Christmas movies, and reading the books that always get me to feel the spirit of Christmas! I'm looking forward to having a snow ball fight, building a snow man, drinking more hot chocolate and singing carols, as well as looking at Christmas lights all done up on peoples houses...

Don't you just love this time of year?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Do blondes really have more fun?

I'm about to find out!
I got my hair cut and colored! I love it! I've never been blond before, I like it. It's taking some getting used to, for the first few days, I would be a little shocked when I looked in the mirror. I am getting used to it though :-)

This is the front of my head

This is the side of my head

This is the back of my head

And this is the other side of my head.

Let me know what you guys think :-)

ps. Amber got her hair done too. It looks really good. So I'm sure she'll post pictures soon so you all can see ;-)

What do Dry Ice and Costumes have in common?


We went to Michael's parents house to do some Halloween celebrating and stuff. We played with dry ice, and had fun hanging out. His dad is in Italy, so sadly he didn't get to see us in our costumes.

I know you've all seen pics of me and Michael in our costumes, but I wanted to post this one anyway... :)

Matt's wife Edisa made Matts costume, as seen above. She also made her kids costumes -there are pictures of them in an older post. She did a great job.

Michaels sister Mia wearing Matts costume. She was a "couch potato" before this, and decided she needed a change

Elisa looks cute!

Marisa made her own wings, don't they look cool?

Mendy is the Muhna Muhna characters -if you havent seen that video, you should. It's funny! It's a muppet thing. She made it, I was impressed.

These are her hand puppets. So cute! They look pretty much exactly like in the video.

Charilie was so adorable! He was in a jailer costume. On the back it said: K98urshoos

Michael playing with the dry ice. We went and got 8 pounds of it. Which is a lot! But, we used it all. Michael likes to conduct experiments with dry ice around Halloween. It's one of his favorite traditions. :)

Michael has some dry ice in his mouth. Don't try this at home! Unless you know how to make sure that is doesn't burn you.

We had it in a cauldron, it looked so cool with the smoke going over it.

The kids loved it! See how the smoke went all over the counter? It was pretty sweet.

Michael was making a potion.

We discovered that if you use hot water, the smoke rises a lot! It went up the the ceiling.

You can see it spreading over the counter. I'd never played with dry ice before. It was fun.

We had a great first Halloween together! We got to do a bunch of fun things with both families, and we enjoyed everything! We got scared, and we got to spend quality time with my family, and his.

On Halloween night, we put out a bowl of candy, because no one came while we were there, when we came home later that night the bowl was gone. Not just the candy, the whole bowl! Someone took it! Haha, but that's okay. Maybe they needed it more.

We then watched "Secret Window" and Michael guessed everything in the beginning, but it still scared him. It was cute.

Hmm... now I wonder what I'll dress up as next year....

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Carving faces...

Into Pumpkins!

This post is a little late in the making. I didn't bring my camera with me when we carved pumpkins at my dads house, so all I can show you are the pictures I took of my pumpkin and Michaels pumpkin when we got home.

Everyone did a great job! I was really impressed. All of them were different, and creative. You can check out more pictures then mine and Michaels on Amber and Dave's blog.

We went to my Dad and JoAnn's place and they had a bunch of finger food to eat, we picked out pumpkins from the huge mound of them that Amber, Dave, David, Dad and JoAnn picked out, then we carved while we ate. After that we watched the classic movie, "Arsenic and Old Lace" we watch that every Halloween.This one is Michael's. We just watched all of the Star Wars movies, and first he wanted to do "Two-Face" from Batman, but then he was thinking about the transition from good to evil that Anikan had. It looks so cool! My picture doesn't do it justice.

This one is mine. I made it a femanine vampire. I figured that was more scary than a normal vampire, because she'll lure you in. I'm very proud of the nose.

I love Halloween! I wish you could see pictures of everyones pumpkins and stuff. But, maybe I'll get some from someone and put some on later.

Work time?... NO

Party Time!

On the 30th of October, the day before Halloween, we had a Halloween party at work! It was great fun! Everyone dressed up, and people had some very creative costumes.

This is my dad, he was excited for the party. He played "Thriller" and made up the dance moves. Haha, I love my dad.
Kendra, aka -Maverick-was our the party planner! she did great! We had a blast. Sadly I didn't take pictures of any of the games we played. There was pin the nose on the witch, and bobbing for apples. They had Halloween music playing, and there was a ton of food, and a costume contest.

Michael and I. He had a creepy mask, but took it off after a bit, as it was very hot under it.

Check out Kevin's pants!

Dan was a spider! Unfortunately my picture is way fuzzy... but trust me, it looked cool

There's my hubby! During the party he was working a little on spread sheets, and I thought it looked too funny with his mask on. I had to capture it on film!

A story behind the mask: my dad wore it when he and JoAnn came to see our apartment, trying to scare us. I answered the door, but I wasn't really even startled. Then he wore it and jumped out at Michael, he was a little more surprised. Then my dad gave the mask to Michael without my knowing, telling him to scare me with it later... well, I found it, and I put it on. Then I called for Michael, and when he came in the room, I was on the floor crawling towards him from behind the dresser... it was fun.

Me and my friend Bryn, she was bat-girl.

Nick and Pierce, Nick is the pirate, and pierce is the vampire.

Amber and Dave. Amber was the cutest baseball player! And Dave was a chef! Dave won for the best costume. They also made a fake pizza, it was cool... ignore Dave's creepy eyes. He doesn't always look like that.

My dad and his new wife JoAnn, she really is a lovely person, but she looked a bit gross in her costume. Her teeth were nasty. LoL. and she had a fake spider on her shoulder that would move... eew! My dad is a pirate. His boots were really cool.

Just a bunch of us mingling.

Some of the food. There was tons of it. Lots of delicious treats.

David, he dressed up like a zombie on Halloween, but for this he just wore a lab coat. I didn't get to see him as a Zombie, so I hope someone posts pictures.

My brother Jimmy, he is Dwight. It was awesome. Seeing a Dwight around made me have this intense urge to play a prank on him. I can sympathize with Jim from "The Office" more now...

My friend Barb is in the mask, she's really very pretty... And my friend Katy is in the blond wig. She was dressed as a doll, she put elmers glue all over her face and neck so she'd look shiny. People kept trying to make her laugh. It was gross when she peeled it off. Katy won the best costume as well. It was a tie between her and Dave. She also won the pin the nose on the witch.

They also had bobbing for apples, and David went first, he took about 30 seconds. Then Steve went, he took 3! I'd never seen anyone do it that fast. Then a few others went, one person couldn't get it, then Nick -the pirate- went and he took 1 second! It was crazy. Michael went last, because he's sick, and he didn't want to risk getting anyone else sick, he also took 1 second! I had no idea he had such skills with apples. He and Nick both won a prize.

It was a way fun party!