Monday, October 19, 2009

Running and screaming in terror...

That's the way it is at the Haunted Forest

Ever since I was around 8 years old, my dad has alw
ays taken me to at least one Haunted House every Halloween. It's a great tradition. I love getting scared. It is so much fun! Well, this last Thursday night, we decided to go to the Haunted Forest. We'd already gone to Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point -which was a ton of fun, I'll post pics later- but now it was time to get freaked out.

I was excited because this was to be mine and Michaels first ti
me going through something like that together. And after this experience, he said he will never miss a Halloween and the chance to take me. He said I have a "perfect scream" and he sure had the chance to hear it! I screamed A LOT. So did JoAnn, it was fun going with someone who screamed almost as much as I did.

It was a ton better than last year, in my opinion. The effects were really well done, and they had some very creative things. It wasn't as good as Rocky Point (that was the best one I've ever been to. It was in Salt Lake, but sadly it closed) but it was still great. I sure got scared.

The chainsaws have always been the most terrifying part to me.

In this Haunted Forest there were three chainsaws. When the first one came, I couldn't help it, I know they go for you when they can tell you're scared, but I couldn't control myself. I screamed, clung onto Michael, and ran. We ran for quite a while, and the guy with the chainsaw chased us... I kept screaming, and running, and the chainsaw kept going. It was terrifying... but it was awesome.

The second chainsaw skipped us, he didn't start it up until aft
er we walked by so that was okay. I grabbed Michael tighter, but refrained from screaming.

The third one was at the very end, after the rest of the forest was gone through. We came up to this sign with a guy in a mask holding a chainsaw, and we were in a maze kind of thing, with an almost fun house effect, with mirrors you could see him in sometimes, and we didn't know which way to go, which doorway was out. When we got to the right one, the chainsaw started behind me, I screamed and, holding Michaels hand, RAN. Unfortunately Michaels hand slipped out of mine. So while I made it to safety he was still in there. I screamed his name and started to go back for him, but my dad told me he would be fine and that he was coming. I kept calling his name, and just a minute later he came out. I don't think he'll ever let me forget that I left him. But if it was real, there's no way I would/could ever leave him.

It was a ton of fun. We're excited to go to the next haunted thing this week. Michael hadn't been to one in years, and he sure caught the bug, he said he wants to go to all of
them. We loved it.

I'm happy to say that we all made it out alive, my dad, JoAnn, Jimmy, Dave, Michael and I. I wish I could have taken pictures of all the awesome stuff they had in the forest.

I hope you all are enjoying the Halloween times and getting some good scares in!


Amber said...

Yeah... fun... I hear from a good source that Mike was screaming too :)
I think you finally showed your true colors and totally would sacrifice Mike to save yourself... J/K :P

Lanie Ree said...

I'm glad JoAnn was there to scream with you- Its always better when you aren't the only one freaked out.

And wow, I can't believe you left him...