Saturday, February 27, 2010

I married into a very talented family

My new family had their annual Christmas Benefit Concert a few weeks before Christmas. It was so much fun being able to watch it all come together, and help out in any way I could. The money that they raised went towards helping a family in need.

I love my new family, they are so awesome in many ways. One of which is their willingness to help people. I love how Michael and his sisters use their talents to reach out and effect peoples lives. They sing at the local jail, as well as addiction centers. Michaels sister Mia has composed many songs that have to do with overcoming addictions and lifestyles, her songs are moving and have the power to change peoples lives.

Here are some pictures from that wonderful evening.

I collect nutcrackers, and so Michael took a picture of me with this giant one

Setting the stage

Warming up his voice

Mia and Mendy singing a duet, while Mia played the accompaniment

Michael and Mia

Michael and Richard

Mendy, Mia, Michael and Richard

Mendy and Mia singing, with Mendy on the guitar

Mia thanking everyone for coming. They did an amazing job!

I can't wait til they perform at another place! Michaels teaching me to control the sound system, so next time I can help out more.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Exploring Snow Canyon

While we were in St. George, we got to do some fun things when I wasn't writing or having rehearsals. We found some awesome outlet stores with wonderful prices, ate the most delicious fondue, and explored Snow Canyon (those were the main events, but we had a very busy week).
It was a great little vacation! Yes, I was stressed and I had a minor break-down during the editing process; however, it was a great week!

Here are some pictures from our adventures in the canyon. It was my first time really hiking a mountain, and it was beautiful.

We saw interesting holes, and natural designs in the rocks

This is me, with the beautiful background

Michael, doing a little pose

My pictures don't do it justice

We saw creepy looking trees that tried to grab us

Some very bright colored moss, and blue rocks (not pictured)

Michael climbed into an alcove so I could get this picture

He is just so cute!

We saw a giant rock that looks like a submarine

Me, in a mini-cave-thing

The biggest blackhead you will ever see

We wanted to do more hiking, and see the "Three Ponds," however the sun set, and once that happened it got dark, and cold, real fast. So we had to hurry back to the car before we lost all light. (we forgot flashlights.) We got to hike for a good 2.5 hours or so, and it was amazing. I definitely want to go back!

I have many more pictures that I took of beautiful things. This post has a ton of pictures, but perhaps I'll post more later, if you would like?

Michael and I loved St. George! His parent own a condo there, so we didn't need to pay for a hotel, which is always a plus. We want to go back for our anniversary that way we can see exactly how hot it is in the summer.

A week of festivals

Some of you may have read this before, I posted it on my other blog as well.

During the week of February 7-13, as you may have noticed, I have been absent from my blogs. The reason is because I was in St. George for the American College Theatre Festival (ACTF). It is a festival for students in all sorts of categories in the theatre departments, anything from acting, to directing, to makeup design, to costume design and play writing. (Play writes can have ten-minute plays, one-acts and full-length plays submitted).

Over the course of the year, different judges attend every show put on by every college in the nation. They then nominate the students they feel did the best, those students then go to the festival and compete in the category they were nominated for.

I submitted a ten-minute play I had written, and it was one of the six selected to go and compete in our regional competition. There were quite a few plays submitted, and only 6 were chosen. Then the judges choose two to become semi-finalists, and their plays will be considered to go to the final national competition. Only 4 ten-minute plays total, out of all the regions, will make it to the final competition. I'm not sure how many regions there are, but I know there are at least 8 (we're region 8 :)

A side note, I was the only female play write out of the six in my region. I just thought that was interesting.

During the week I met with my director, stage manager, and dramaturg. We then cast my play, and had rehearsals all week. Then, on Saturday, all six were performed for the judges.

I did a lot of editing, and cutting to make it fit in the ten-minute limit, and to become completely happy with it. I feel I have learned a lot as a writer, I was able to make my play stronger, and I did my very best.

My play is a comedy, and it is very stylized. The crowd seemed to have liked my play, (they laughed and cheered a lot) and the judges said nice things, and gave me good feedback; however I am not one of the semi-finalists.

This past week got my fire burning, and I am looking forward to writing more plays! My passion for writing has been rekindled, and I have many ideas for plays and stories!

I plan on expanding my play, "The Play," into a one-act and getting it published. Perhaps I will write and tell you a little more about my play, if that is something you would be interested in?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Be My Valentine

Having never been in a relationship on Valentines Day before, I didn't really know what to get for Michael. What we decided to do, was go to Target together, split up, and sneakily get gifts for each other. We set a price limit, wished each other luck, gave a little kiss and then we were off!

There were a few times when we saw each other, looked scared for a fraction of a second, then quickly covered the things we were holding, turned, and ran in different directions. People who noticed were probably most confused.

Because Michael and I were going to St. George for the whole week before Valentines Day, we decided to celebrate before we left.

I made him this card (all the ones I found at Target were too pricey)

I made these little tags to go on all the things I got him. This was an exercise thing to work out your arms. He wanted one :-)

I put this on a jar of olives

:-) It's probably the most crafty thing I've done in quite a while. It was fun to make the little cards! I also gave him some Symphony Chocolate -that's his favorite.

Michael gave me some kitchen stuff, I've been wanting a steamer, and this one works great!

He set up a power station by my bed, and plugged all my many things into it. This made my life SO much easier!

He also gave me a chocolate rose! I haven't eaten it yet, because it is so pretty and I just want to savor it

My chocolate rose, and our "I Love You Forever" bears :-)

Michael also gave me some bath stuff, but I forgot to take a picture.

I just love my husband! He is so sweet :-) We had a great time celebrating Valentines Day!

Monday, February 15, 2010

New Background

I've decided that since I'm caught up to Christmas, I would change my background. No need for applause.

I do have a few more Christmas things I wanted to post, so please put up with it a little longer. I'm thinking, however, that I will post about other things in between. We'll see how it plays out.

Sorry it took so long to get to Christmas :-)

Our Second Christmas

On New Years Eve, the Kaiser family all gathered together to celebrate Christmas together. It was a good thing we got together a while before the ball dropped, because it took us about 3 hours to open all the gifts!

In my family, we take turns opening gifts one at a time. Time consuming, yes, but it's nice because then we can see what everyone has received.

This is everyone getting ready to open gifts

David patiently waiting for his turn to open a gift

Annie explaining her love of Pickle Pops. What? You don't know what that is? Well you will soon find out...

Michael reading a book he got about bugs and slugs. He loves it!

Helena and Kurt. Helena handmade gifts for everyone! They were most impressive. She has posts about them all on her blog. You should check them out!

These are Pickle Pops! Annie and Jimmy got one for everyone as part of their gifts. Annie just loves them, and so she wanted to share. So Helena got her that little basket full! (They are actually quite good)

Amber and Dave playing with some of the gifts they got

Jimmy got "The Office Clue" Very fitting as he was Dwight for Halloween :-)

David is excitedly opening his Rock Band

Dad and JoAnn wearing matching red, look at how cute they are!

Now everyone is admiring their gifts, and just hanging out. Everyone put a lot of thought into the gifts they gave, and everyone was very generous.

Thank you all again for the wonderful gifts, and welcoming spirit we received from the Kaiser and Magistro families! We had a great time celebrating with you all.

We had a simply wonderful second, and first, Christmas!