Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We had a black widow spider...

And it was vicious!

First as a side note, I'm still learning how to blog, as is made evident by my last post. It looked so good as I was making it, and the layout of the pictures and the text... I was proud. However, when I posted it, it didn't look as good... Oh well. I'm still new to the whole blogger thing. So bear with me.

Now, onto the spider.

I hate spiders. They scare me. I think it's mostly the way that they move, but even when they are staying in their webs... Ugh. I just don't like them.

Well, Michael and I have a nice little apartment that we're staying in right now, and we really like it. The thing is, after we moved in we found spiders. Not one, not two, but a lot of spiders! My eyes are very good at picking up slight movements, and I always notice them, and then I say something like "Michael!! It's a SPIDER!!" And his favorite
weapon against them is using my body sprays. He'll come running when I call, grab one of the sprays, and spray it. It's an effective method, but I fear people will smell the lingering alcohol that they leave in the air and think that we drink.

On one of those nights, I saw a spider. It was big, and brown, and gross and hanging out above our door. Michael sprayed, it fell. First I ran back a little, scared that it would be angry and chase me. Once I went back to see what Michael was looking at, I saw it. The Black Widow. The big brown spider fell all the way down into a web in the corner by the hinges of the door. Black Widows have strong webs, which is why it didn't break. In that web was a Baby Black Widow. That thing was vicious. It ran
at the big one, attacked it, and hog tied its legs together with its web!

Needless to say, that frightened me more than the bigger brown one. What if it ran out of food, left its web, and came after us in our sleep? Michael was a little freaked out by the Baby Black Widow as well. I wanted him to kill it, but he thought it should get one last meal first. Thinking it would take at least a few days to finish off the big brown one, I reluctantly agreed. The next day, that's right,the very next day, it was gone. Dead. Eaten. All that was left was a carcass.
Thankfully, we have had our place sprayed, as there was not only this vicious spider, but also one that could have been a Hobo. It was big enough to be, but it didn't have some of the markings. As well as a few Yellow Sacks, and other gross spiders.

Well, that's our exciting story. It was a fun adventure. It was scary, but also fun. Now I can shock and amaze people when I tell them we once had a Baby Black Widow.

ps. That's not an actual picture of the one from out house. Michael killed it, and I forgot to capture it on film.

Have a nice day!


Shipley Family said...

MICHAEL IS A KEEPER. He kills spiders. Jst bso you know I had a full body chill when you told the black widow story.

Amber said...

I think you should have kept the spider... you could have made 'offerings' to appease it... It would have been awesome :(